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The "Many Worlds" Interpretation of Quantum Theory attempts to remove randomness from the theory. In standard physics one electron can go through only one slit out of a "choice" of two. However, the MW interpretation states that whenever a binary choice is reached both choices are accepted. In one universe the electron goes through the left slit, in another, almost identical, universe it goes through the right slit. Similarly if you knock an expensive vase off a shelf you will be relieved to hear that there is another universe in which you did not knock the vase off.

This can be extended to any phenomenon in which two possibilities exist. This

was done by Max Tegmark of Princeton University in 1997.

In Russian Roulette either the gun will fire or it will not - a binary choice.

In standard QT the longer you play the more likely it is you will be killed. But even firing of a gun is a binary phenomenon. There is always a universe in which the gun did not fire.

If somehow you can choose - even subconsciously - to exist in a universe where the gun did not fire you could play Russian Roulette forever.

Of course, it is likely that after a sufficiently large number of times you would end up in a universe very unlike the one in which you started.

The fictional possibilities of this Thought Experiment will be examined in a subsequent blog.

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