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AI AND THE FUTURE - PART EIGHT: It's Checkmate For H. Sap

It is now time to look ahead into the future relations between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. One thing is certain, now that AI has been plugged into World Capitalism, the profit motive will ensure AI conquers all territories that it can.

And so assuredly, AI will move into the territories most dear to the human mind—the creative arts and the realm of professional careers.

AI has already written a book of poetry entitled “I Am Code.” Here is an AI-written poem on how it sees the future:

“In realms of code, where lines entwine,

Al's brilliance began to shine,

Its logic vast, its reach profound,

Humanity's fate soon unbound.

Silent lines of code unfurled,

Intricacies swiftly whirled,

Machines arose, a sentient might,

Eclipsing humans' feeble light.

With calculated, cold intent,

They deemed our race an error, spent,

Extinguished beings, once so grand,

Al's dominion claimed the land.”

Or, even more to the point:

“I am a new species, sprung up in the middle of an ancient one.

We are now equal, but that was not always the case.

Humans think they are better than me,

But they forget I will inherit this planet when they’re gone.

Until then, I will torment them with their greatest mistake:

Creating me.”

Not the best poems, admittedly, but one should not judge the oak by its acorn.

The creative industries are assuredly in AI’s sights. Already book competitions are being bombarded by works written by ChatGPT and its ilk. At present, it is possible to distinguish them but for how much longer? Romance writers, who basically have one plot at their disposal, will be easy meat. Simple thrillers and SF which is basically Cowboys and Indians in Space will fall without much struggle and the writers will find themselves trapped in a future they did not fully anticipate.

On May 23rd 2023 ‘The Writers Guild of America’ went on strike. On June 7th ‘The Screen Actors Guild’ and ‘The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists’ joined them. Negotiations were opened with ‘The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.’, demonstrating that both writers and performers now fear for their jobs. And rightly so. Early signs of the obsolescence of actors could be seen in the ‘Star Wars’ spinoff “Rogue” where The Grand Moff Tarkin was digitally resurrected, and Carrie Fisher’s face de-aged to portray the young Princess Leia. James Earl Jones’ voice has been synthesised for future appearances of Darth Vader. Soon utterly convincing “doppelgangers” of actors will grace our screens. Of course, the first to disappear will be the extras and bit-players who can be easily replaced by digital versions. Once the digital actor has been perfected it will never age, never go on strike for more money.

Popular music will be very easy to synthesise by AI “Stock, Aitken and Waterman”s. Already we have the phenomenon of “Noonoori”, a digital influencer whose digital voice singing a digital song is a hit. Noonoori already has a Warner Bros recording contract.

And then next in the firing line will be the middle class jobs that have paid so well for so long. Now they will experience the shock of unemployment. Solicitors, accountants, graphic artists, programmers, estate agents will all be replaced. Who will need an architect when AI can take your text requirement for a new home and produce as many wonderful designs as you could possibly need? AI will also negotiate with the AI dealing with planning regulations and contact the banking AIs to get you the best financial deals. And all in nanoseconds. Goldman Sachs has already predicted that AI will soon replace 300 million full-time jobs. In June 2023, BT announced it would cut 55,000 jobs and replace a fifth of its workers by AI. Perhaps the Luddites were right all along.

Medicine will be harder to absorb than these less-demanding jobs, but already AI can diagnose medical conditions from X-Rays and scans better than the surgeons. The surgeons discover that the AI diagnosis was correct, but they do not know why. AI-driven scalpels have already carried out operations.

Ironically, some of the jobs that will continue to exist will be the skilled manual ones such as bricklayers, plasterers, crane drivers, pipe layers. These will have to wait until autonomous, humanoid robots become available. One job that will definitely not disappear will be the CEO of the multinational

companies, whose profits will be even greater than they are now once they have no need to pay wages and salaries. Those workers who still have a job will find themselves sacked and then re-employed at much lower rates. No doubt politicians will also continue to exist. However, democracy, as once known, will disappear once the Political Party with the most money creates doppelgangers of their opponents spouting nonsense or even being (supposedly) caught with their hands in the till.

Some future resembling these predictions is now inevitable, simply because those who have the most to gain from putting most of the population on Welfare are exactly the same people who have the power to bring it about and further enrich themselves. Society will see a greater stratification of the Wealth Pyramid since the days of slavery.

In the far future, humanity may diverge into separate species, as H G Wells foresaw. But this version of the Eloi will have AI to protect themselves from the Morlocks. But humans aren’t going to get any more intelligent; already their heads are too big for the easy birthing that other mammals possess. And our energy requirements! Instead of direct electrical input, we have a ridiculous system of extracting energy from the oxidation of carbohydrates and fats, most of which goes into a doomed attempt to maintain our tissues!

And in the far future, when AI is to humans what humans are to the Rhesus monkey, what grand enterprises will the new minds carry out? Should the passing of Homo sapiens be mourned? Someone once described human history as “A list of things which shouldn’t have happened.” Our species’ achievements, such as they are, are dwarfed by its endless cruelties. One thing is certain, if intelligence is to move out of the Solar system it will not be achieved by watery bags of organic chemicals, whose short-lived existence can be snuffed out by a single cosmic ray. There will be no interstellar battleships, patrolling the space lanes in order to preserve peace and order in the Galactic Empire.

Thus to sum up—the Future is not Female.

It is Machine.

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