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Quantum Theory, in the "Many Worlds" interpretation, tells us that whenever a choice is made that the Universe splits into two opposing versions: One being the result of one outcome and the other based on the opposing outcome.

So in a game of Russian Roulette, there is a Universe in which you live and one in which you die.

And let us not forget Schrodinger's Cat who is shown on the cover as both dead and alive.

But what if the version of you that lived could remember the act of dying that his unfortunate other self suffered?

What if your memories could include all the previous states of your existence when the choice was between life and death?


And what if there was a malign force which wanted to capture you so they could extract your secret for their own sinister purposes?


In Quantum Exile we follow Dexter Ward, who has that special power, as he is thrown from on reality to another; each one increasingly different to his home reality.


And who is it that is tracking him through the realities?

Quantum Theory Science Fiction Fantasy Horror Quantum Exile
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