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DOMAINS OF DARKNESS is a collection of Science Fiction & Fantasy short stories.

Here are a few:

CIRCLES tells the tale of a man who will be dragged to Hell if he sees a circle before morning.

THE BOOK  OF LIFE relates how a man discovers a book which foretells his future. But what happens when he reads the date of his death?

 JUPITER THE KING tells of how the super-race of the Vulveren are colonising the Solar system. But what future has humanity, now they are relegated to the status of pets?

In PER ARDUA we have successfully colonised Mars. But the colonists have decided they want to be free from the shackles of Earth.

In THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW, we encounter the horrific Hran who are parasites on humans. Marius Larsen is a very brave man—but can he defeat this terrible foe?

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