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Martyn Rhys Vaughan-Author

Martyn Rhys Vaughan was born in the historic World Heritage Site village of Blaenavon in one of the picturesque valleys of south Wales. A key location in the development of the Industrial Revolution, it has the relics of one of the oldest centres of steel production in Europe.

Vaughan first discovered his love of speculative fiction on encountering the Classics Illustrated versions of “The Time Machine” and the “War of the Worlds” by H.G.Wells. From then on he was hooked and had devoured most of the Golden Age works of science-fiction before leaving school.

A graduate in biology and psychology, he has had a wide variety of employment and has worked in the Agricultural sector, and also in industry in the laboratories of companies producing iron and steel, and, afterwards, organic chemicals.

His longest period of employment was working in the UK Government’s Statistical Service, helping to produce data on that nation’s Balance of Payments.

Now retired, he continues to be a passionate advocate of the study of the sciences and of critical thinking in general. He believes that without these tools humanity faces a very dangerous future. Events so far in the 21st century clearly show that we cannot take a stable future for granted and must be constantly on our guard against dangers, both internal and external.

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