Science Fiction Monsters from another Dimension  Hideous Night

Hideous Night tell the exciting story of how a brilliant female researcher and a brave outcast enter another dimension to battle extraterrestrial parasites that prey on humanity.

Science Fiction Parallel Universes Swords & Sorcery The Cave Of Shadows.png

The Cave Of Shadows tells the story of a man and a woman who discover there is something wrong with the Universe. But in discovering the truth they find only terror. 

Science-Fiction Quantum Reality Schrodinger's Cat

Quantum Exile tells the tale of a man who finds that he has the power to move between the different realities of the Quantum Multiverse. But this power is sought by opposing forces - those that want to protect him and those that want to destroy him.

Science-Fiction Occult Fantasy

Domains of Darkness is a collection of Short Stories covering a wide range of fantastic possibilities.  In here you can find a book that foretells your future and how things lurk in the shadows, watching your every move.

A Post-apocalypic word in the grip of the Doom Of Stars

A terrible disaster has afflicted the Earth. In many parts of the world humanity has been thrown back into the Dark Ages. And the end of the world is nearing.

Time is running out but Kalli has inheirited a strange artefact that has many answers.

But does it have the one answer that humanity really needs—how to avert the Doom of Stars?

 Resolution .jpg

"Resolution of Stars" continues the story begun in "Doom of Stars". At the end of the previous novel a few refugees had tried to escape from a seemingly-doomed Earth.  But what of the desperate people left behind as the Destroyer approached? This is the story of two of them.

Devouring Darkness.jpg

My second collection of short stories covers a range of alarming possibilities. Discover a world conquered by the alien Gorathnar; read about a man who gets the immortality he dreamt of - and wishes he hadn't; find out what happens when aliens arrive and say they have a legal right to all the oxygen in our air...and many more blood-curdling tales!.