Science Fiction Monsters from another Dimension  Hideous Night

Hideous Night tell the exciting story of how a brilliant female researcher and a brave outcast enter another dimension to battle extraterrestrial parasites that prey on humanity.

Science Fiction Parallel Universes Swords & Sorcery The Cave Of Shadows.png

The Cave Of Shadows tells the story of a man and a woman who discover there is something wrong with the Universe. But in discovering the truth they find only terror. 

Science-Fiction Quantum Reality Schrodinger's Cat

Quantum Exile tells the tale of a man who finds that he has the power to move between the different realities of the Quantum Multiverse. But this power is sought by opposing forces - those that want to protect him and those that want to destroy him.

Science-Fiction Occult Fantasy

Domains of Darkness is a collection of Short Stories covering a wide range of fantastic possibilities.  In here you can find a book that foretells your future and how things lurk in the shadows, watching your every move.


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