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Returning to the topic of underground adventures we come to "The Life & Adventures of Peter Wilkins-A Cornishman" by Robert Platock (1697-1767). Wilkins is an adventurer like Lemuel Gulliver and after some normal adventures is shipwrecked near the South Pole, where he is drawn into a vast cavern. After spending some time alone he is discovered by a woman called Youwarkee who takes him to her homeland of Nosmnbdsgrutt. The people of this land are human but are able to fly. Wilkins manages to influence the king and is able to get slavery abolished. He falls in love with Youwarkee and they have 7 children. But after her death, he leaves Nosmnbdsgrutt and returns to England. Unfortunately, he dies shortly after setting foot in Plymouth.

The Flying Men of Nosmnbdsgrutt:-

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