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INVISIBLE ENEMIES VI: The hran Part Two: Hideous Night

After being removed from his research post due to the death of Einar Olsen, Marius Larsen wandered the world, desperately trying to convince people of the reality of their oppressors—the dread parasites, known as the hran.

Everyone either regarded him as—at best—an idiot, or—at worst—a charlatan.

Then at CERN he encountered a brilliant physicist—Celine Dubois. But Dubois had no time for Larsen: she had problems of her own. Her staff were reporting strange phenomena in their laboratories, happenings which no-one could understand and which some people—only half-jokingly—described as “ghosts.”

However, both Larsen and Dubois became aware of a third entity involved in the story: a mysterious entity that called itself “Kewfor.” And Kewfor knew of the hran and their insidious control over humanity and how they were slowly but surely reducing the entirety of the human race to the status of livestock, to be fed upon at their masters’ pleasure.

And eventually, the three great minds became aware of the possibility that humanity’s great enemy could be defeated. But the method of so doing was hazardous beyond belief.

But in the end it was understood that there was no alternative.

And so Larsen and Dubois led a team of courageous scientists from this realm of existence and crossed to the universe of the hran, to confront the monsters in their lair.

But in so doing they found unspeakable horror in a hideous night.

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