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Here's an excerpt from the Ab Initio section of my latest novel:

They were thrown unconscious to the floor as the sphere vanished with an eye-searing flash and the sound of a thousand thunders.

Larsen spent two weeks in the coma into which the discharge had thrown him.

When he finally awoke he could remember nothing of his thoughts during that period.

Thus he was unaware that during his period of unconsciousness he had heard cold, pitiless voices, voices that seemed to be drawn from the depths of an Antarctic ice sheet; voices that knew nothing of empathy, of love, of mercy; voices that kept repeating over and over again, ‘We know you, Marius Larsen’, while sets of hate-filled, glowing red eyes, faultlessly arranged in perfect equilateral triangles, glared at him from out of the darkness, staring relentlessly, staring down through the flesh, down through the bone, down into the very core of his being.

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