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In "Doom of Stars" we learned how the greed for wealth and power by one supremely able scientist brought the Destroyer into the inner Solar system. We saw a wracked and tormented Earth sliding inexorably into annihilation. But we learned there was hope: a trapped humanity had devised several methods of avoiding extinction.

One was to burrow deep into the planet's crust, far away the sterilising radiation and the firestorms.

This was recounted in "Resolution of Stars".

At the end of "Doom" we learned of an attempt to flee the from the Destroyer in interstellar craft. The fate of one of them is the subject matter of "Culmination of Stars."

Five great starships were launched from the Solar system in an attempt to avoid the Doom of Stars and save the human race from extinction by founding a colony around Alpha Centauri.

Each ship faced incredible dangers in their desperate, centuries-long journeys.

But none more so than the flagship Magellan, for its stricken crew must face a danger even greater than the one they escaped; a threat which imperils the entire Milky Way galaxy.

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