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Speculative Fiction of Martyn Rhys Vaughan

Literary Portfolio

Welcome to my site! This place is for all those who know that the future will not resemble the past; that the way things are is not the way that they must be. A series of writers have given us all their unique visions of what may happen. Some visions are glorious; some are terrifying. Which one will become the truth?


We will have to wait to find out.

"... by modern science-fiction, I refer to a form of literature that deals with societies differing from our own specifically in the level of science & technology and into which we might conceivably pass from our own into that level. (This differentiates science-fiction from fantasy in which the fictional society cannot be connected to our own by any rational set of changes)"

- Isaac Asimov.

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"We must realise that there are other worlds in other parts of the universe, with races of different men and different animals." - from 'On The Nature Of Things' by Lucretius, Roman philosopher, 1st-century B.C.E.

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